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#1802  CryoDose TA – Mist 115mL
#1803  CryoDose TA – Medium Stream 115mL
#1804  CryoDose TA – Medium Stream 35mL
#1805  CryoDose TA – Mist 35mL

  • Clinical & therapeutic equivalent to ethyl chloride
  • Identical ingredients as Pain Ease®
  • Non-HAZMAT
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-toxic – no inhalation precautions
  • Same indications, plus
    • Minor open wounds
    • Starting IVs & venipuncture
    • Intact oral /nasal mucus membranes

Concern over ethyl chloride risks are real – HAZMAT risks (and costs), toxicities (with cancer indications), flammability, and even inhalation precautions.

Surprisingly, many healthcare providers are unaware of ethyl chloride’s risks.

Regional governments are increasingly identifying ethyl chloride as a HAZMAT material (California’s CA Prop 65 impacts over 37 million people) 

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