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Be sure to read the Directions for Use before treatment.

To help you provide the best-possible treatment, here are answers to questions you may have about treating with CryoDose V and CryoDose H.

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General FAQ

CryoDose V offers you excellent options for treating with buds, cones, or both–with no need for any change in technique. Practitioners who treat with a product like Verruca-Freeze® will benefit from CryoDose V and its improved system for cones and buds treatment. And practitioners who only treat with buds will discover many reasons to convert from products like Histofreezer® to CryoDose H. Contact Nuance Medical customer service or your distributor representative for details.

Several key differences. CryoDose V canisters have a touch-sensitive actuator that allows the practitioner to control cryogen discharge. CryoDose V treats by reaching a colder temperature (-70ºC) and includes the option to utilize treatment cones as well as buds. CryoDose H’s button-style actuator dispenses dimethyl ether (DME) via treatment buds that, once “charged”, reach a temperature of -55ºC.

CryoDose offers better products, with more features and benefits for increased precision than existing portable cryotherapy products. In addition to numerous features and benefits, CryoDose V and CryoDose H offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With proper application, CryoDose V reaches -70°C, the coldest available of all portable canister products. CryoDose H reaches -55ºC.

No. Here’s why. CryoDose is an upgrade from your present system – with numerous enhanced features and benefits. CryoDose was designed with the user in mind, and has noticeable improvements, and no need for any change in technique. We anticipate that you will experience complete satisfaction, and we back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

CryoDose V is not flammable. CryoDose H contains propane, and is flammable.

Five years for CryoDose V. Three years for CryoDose H.

Store at room temperature. The products should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 120°F (48.9ºC). Additionally, CryoDose H should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

The expiration date is noted on the bottom of each individual canister.

Refer to the enclosed Instruction Manual and Directions for Use for CryoDose V here and CryoDose H here.

Yes. Refer to your regional CPT codes. You may also contact customer service or your distributor representative and we will provide detailed information.

Be sure you have removed the safety tab on top of the actuator. Then gently squeeze the trigger to control the amount of cryogen discharged.

Yes. SDS sheets are shipped with each Kit and replacement canister, and are available for CryoDose V here and for CryoDose H here.

No. CryoDose V and CryoDose H products are shipped under ORM-D (consumer commodity) standard UPS ground.

Contact your distributor representative.

No. Both CryoDose V and CryoDose H offer you options. You may choose to order an entirely new Kit. Canisters, cones, and buds are sold separately and are designed to be stored in the Reusable Treatment Kit. And CryoDose V and CryoDose H both use the same treatment buds, which can be ordered specifically for your restocking needs – exclusively arrow buds, round buds, or in combination. Find treatment system product information here.

Contact your distributor representative who will make arrangements.

Yes! You can view several product overview videos (with treatment introductions and tips) here.

According to CDC Guidelines for Disinfection and Sterilization, CryoDose cones are classified as “low level, non-critical, patient care devices” and in the same category as stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs. CryoDose cones are intended as multi-use devices. A low- or intermediate-level, EPA-registered disinfectant, such as those routinely used on ‘smooth, hard surfaces’ such as stethoscopes or tabletops, is recommended for proper cleaning.

CryoDose H contents (Dimethyl Ether, Propane, and Isobutane gas) are clear liquefied gasses and are not harmful to clothing or furniture. Drips can be washed off with a mild soap and do not leave stains.

The ingredients in CryoDose V and CryoDose H are ozone friendly and ozone neutral.

CryoDose V and CryoDose H treat benign lesions by reaching a significantly lower temperature. CryoDose V and CryoDose H offer a wider range of treatment and purchasing options and take advantage of treatment procedures favored by medical professional. Both products are intended for medical professional use only. is your online source for treatment info. Our products include a patient-friendly look to lessen stress before treatment, and several 45-60 second videos that provide concise overviews of treatments and product features.

Clinical FAQ

A wide range of benign lesions are successfully treated with CryoDose V and CryoDose H. Refer to the Indications for Use in the Instruction Manual and Directions for Use for CryoDose V here and CryoDose H here.

No. The indications for use are for benign lesions only.

Safety in pregnancy has not been determined.

The general guideline is to use what best supports physician preference and prior experience. Buds are often selected for areas of the head, difficult to reach areas; but location for use of buds is not restricted. Buds are designed to stay cold for up to two minutes. Cones are often selected for areas of fatty tissue. Treatment to hard bony areas, including the head, are generally not recommended.

With most patients that is not necessary.

No. Do not put anything on treatment area that could obstruct the freezing process.

Hold canister in upright position, and charge bud until droplets form. Stop charging, invert canister so bud points to floor. Wait 15 seconds before treating lesion.

Refer to the Instruction Manual and Directions for Use or the User Tips Guide inside the top panel of your CryoDose Reusable Treatment Kit and Directions for Use for CryoDose V here and CryoDose H here.

After saturating (“charging”) an applicator bud and treating the lesion for the recommended length of time, following a 15-second pause, a second application can be performed – on the same patient during the same treatment session. See Direction For Use for lesion-specific treatment timing guidelines.

No. To avoid the risk of cross-contamination, applicator buds should not be used for treating another patient. A supply of buds are included in Kit and additional buds can be ordered separately.

Brief tolerable discomfort may be experienced.

Freeze-thaw is the normative treatment method for cryotherapy. The clinical treatment is to first freeze the area and then to allow the area to thaw back to room temperature naturally. Thaw time is usually 30–40 seconds. Do not rub the treated area during the thawing process.

Some difficult lesions may have better resolution following a second immediate treatment. This is sometimes referred to “freeze-thaw-freeze” and is essentially a second treatment. This is not required and is optional. Lesions may also have better resolution with a treatment during a follow up visit.

In some cases, it may. Do not pop the blister. If the blister bursts, it may be necessary to cover with an adhesive protective strip.

This is a clinical assessment. Generally, ten days to two weeks post-treatment.

This is a clinical assessment. For many patients, just one treatment is necessary, but this depends on the type of lesion. A follow-up visit is always recommended.

For CryoDose V, the average normal usage is approximately 65-70 treatments for the 162mL size, and approximately 100 or more treatments from the 236mL size. For CryoDose H, the average normal usage is approximately 35 for the 88mL size which is more than the competing brand with 80mL size.

IMPORTANT: CryoDose V and CryoDose H portable cryosurgical treatment systems are intended for use by medical professionals. CryoDose V and CryoDose H portable cryosurgical systems are highly effective treatments for a wide range of benign skin problems and is intended for use only by medically trained healthcare professionals. Improper use can lead to unintended damage to the skin and underlying tissues. The aerosol canister is intended for use only with CryoDose V and CryoDose H portable cryosurgical system applicator buds. CryoDose V and CryoDose H should be used only on benign, superficial skin lesions. If in doubt of lesion’s benignity, lesion should first be biopsied. Do not treat lesions if cancer is suspected. If lesions persist post-treatment, lesions should be reinspected and confirmed that lesions are not cancerous. Safety standards for pregnant or pediatric patients are not established. Not recommended for the use on children under the age of five (5) years without the consultation of a pediatrician or other clinically trained physician. Sale or other distribution of CryoDose V and CryoDose H portable cryosurgical system Kits to patients is prohibited. Safety in pregnancy has not been established.