Cryotherapy, Precisely.

HAZMAT-Free Topical Anesthetic Spray

Portable Cryotherapy System

Replaces Ethyl Chloride

HAZMAT-Free Topical Anesthetic Spray

Now you (and patients) can benefit from a non-toxic topical anesthetic spray that is a clinical and therapeutic equivalent to hazardous ethyl chloride – for use on skin, minor open wounds & intact oral mucous membranes.

CryoDose TA temporarily controls pain associated with injections, starting IVs, venipuncture, minor surgical procedures, and minor athletic injuries.

Why CryoDose TA?

Replaces Verruca Freeze®

Portable Cryotherapy System

Open the CryoDose V Reusable Treatment Kit and you’ll see the patient-friendly quick reference guide; you’ll appreciate the increased treatment options of having six sizes of dosing cones, and both arrow and round buds. You’ll notice the secure fit of the buds – and the touch-sensitive actuator that averts waste. And you’ll appreciate that with CryoDose V, all parts can be ordered separately.

replaces Histofreezer®

Portable Cryotherapy System

The CryoDose H Reusable Treatment Kit greets you with a patient-friendly quick reference guide. Right away you’ll see the increased treatment options of having both arrow and round buds at hand. Be sure to notice how securely the buds fit. And you’ll benefit from being able to separately order all parts of the CryoDose H treatment system, so you’ll have just what you need – when you need it.

Why CryoDose V & CryoDose H?

Highly effective treatment for a wide range of benign skin problems.

Acrochordon (skin tags)

Actinic keratosis (facial)

Actinic keratosis (non-facial)

Condyloma acuminate (genital warts)

Lentigo (facial)

Lentigo (non-facial)

Molluscum contagiosum

Seborrheic keratosis

Verruca plana (flat warts)

Verruca plantaris (plantar warts)

Verruca vulgaris (common warts)

Short animated videos describing and demonstrating treatment tips – for maximum efficacy with CryoDose V and CryoDose H.